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8Snake - Eight: Review

8Snake, formerly known as Franceso Fonte Band, have released their first album under their new name, Eight. Like several artists, 8Snake have decided to try and make the most of what is a difficult time for everyone right now and offer some entertainment with their new release hitting their brand new YouTube channel.

Eight is unlike anything we have heard recently, defiantly refusing to adhere to any label, it possesses bass work typically found on sludge records, a vocal range worthy of the likes of Wolfmother and crisp guitar detail normally reserved for white-hot garage grunge acts. All of this may sound chaotic but it's all put together and packaged exceptionally well, delivering an attention-grabbing record.

Upon the first listen you may think you know what lays ahead from the first track but the album gracefully evolves as it goes and shifts in tone and attack as it does. Stand out tracks include 'Sun', 'Universe Garden' and the almost Tool like 'Dancer of Love', each of these having their own unique flavour yet undoubtedly belong here.

The YouTube version of the album is accompanied by stunning artwork from London based photographer and artist, Torturett, which only adds to the overall atmosphere of the album. If it's not clear yet then let's be frank, this is a delightfully surprising hidden gem of an album, one that will increase in value the more you listen to it, nailing the lyrics for the anthemic parts and losing your mind to the heavier and more energetic sections.

Rating 8.5/10