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3 Teeth - Metawar: Review

LA Industrial quartet 3Teeth have returned, with their third studio album Metawar following up on 2017’s popular sophomore offering <shutdown.exe>.

It’s immediately clear right from the first track, Afluenzza that 3Teeth have evolved since their last outing, this new framework sticks with the album throughout and feels natural, like it was the most logical next level for the band to take their sound. The change is however subtle, there are no huge shifts in genre or sound, it’s still very much industrial at its core but Metawar takes on a grittier sound, there is much more depth here than on the previous two albums which themselves stuck fairly close to industrial tropes.

For one there is more metal on this record, the punchy and dirty guitar work helps flesh out the tracks, Alexis Mincolla and crew seem to have found new confidence here, ready to try and do things a little different but still retain their own sonic personality and it pays off.

Metawar is a solid album in good company as far as it’s sound and flavour, Exxit has a dirty, almost sexy vibe to it perfected by the likes of Rob Zombie whilst American Landfill makes a potent political statement and chugs along like a Fear Factory classic while it does it. The political and social awareness doesn't end there though, there is no prize for what guessing what the groove-filled President X is addressing and Sell Your Face 3.0 is the perfect black mirror held up to today’s perfect storm of data-hungry corporations and rampant social media.

The record is a good indicator of where 3Teeth are heading, their evolution is evident and heading in the right direction as they continue to grow their following, an all-round good listen containing heaviness, industrial atmospheres, social commentary and loads of grooves. The surprising cover of Foster the People’s Pumped Up Kicks to close out the album is also a welcome change and further proof that 3Teeth are willing to experiment and continue to transform.

If this is the blueprint, we’re excited to see what’s next.

Rating - 8/10