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156/Silence - Irrational Pull: Review

Pittsburgh based metal/hardcore crew 156/SILENCE are set to drop their second album, 'Irrational Pull', on June 5 via a self-release having parted ways with label Innerstrength Records.

In the words of guitarist Jimmy Howell. "We've incorporated themes and tones throughout our entire catalogue and created what we believe to be our most cohesive work yet.", a culmination, if you will of everything band, has been aiming for over the past five years.

'Irrational Pull' is an aggressive yet sophisticated record, it has a raw, unhinged feel to it like anything could happen at any moment, almost creating a feeling of unease, not normally associated with hardcore based music. The sophistication comes from the tight production and arrangement, having been produced and recorded by Andy Nelson whose worked with the likes of Weekend Nachos and was mastered by Brad Boatright who has been behind recent work for both Full of Hell and Gatecreeper. This album is a clear statement of intent and an album to be taken seriously yet enjoyed simultaneously.

When it's not peeling the paint off of your walls with its high-velocity metallic sound, it's delivering punishing breakdowns, frontman Jack Murray's vocals are a lesson in brutality as he rarely lets up on his sonic attack of the senses. if you've been following the rise of Code Orange over the last year or two then you'll be interested in 156/Silence as their trajectory seems to be very much the same. No longer hindered by any label it's clear to see that on this release a deeper and heavier side of their sound was explored and brought to the forefront, a move that has paid off in the often risky world of independent music.

Be sure to keep an eye out on the band social media channels as they plan to record a series of live sessions that will be distributed online throughout the summer, making up for a cancelled tour.

Rating 7.5/10