What is Metal Saves all about - 


Metal Saves is a one-man music press outlet founded and operated by Jay B, long term web and magazine writer and lover of all things heavy metal. I believe that metalheads shouldn't discriminate against certain genres, nor should music press pander to elitists within the metal family. If it’s guitar-based, serious music and it’s heavy, then I'll cover it here, be it black metal through to nu-metal (that's right, I said it).

- What to expect from Metal Saves:


In addition to traditional music reviews and original articles, I mix in the odd piece of breaking news here and there if I feel it's relevant but this is ultimately not a news site. 


- Metal Saves offers original and engaging content such as... 


Tastebreakers - This is where I look at music outside of the metal sphere and get people listening to material a little more on the fringes, you may find something you like.

for those days when you want to take a break from the heavy.

Spotlight - The clue is in the name on this one, here I thrust a spotlight on the noisemakers, stand out acts and anything else I believe is worthy of some exposure as well as introducing new bands.


Deep Cuts - I take hidden gems and rarities from bands and polish them off for your approval, simple.

There is also so much more to come from Metal Saves, gig reviews, promotions and even more in the future as the site grows into a community. 

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